Lanes 1 & 2 Main Pool

  • Members must be at the poolside for 7.55 a.m. to be ready to enter the pool at 8.00. This is to ensure safety during the warm up. Failure to comply the swimmer could be told he/she cannot enter the water.
  • To turn up at the pool with the proper equipment, goggles, drink bottle and hat.
  • To attend a minimum of 8 out of 10 sessions, unless exceptional circumstances agreed by the coach
  • When 9 and over as a category 2 swimmer to take part in a minimum of 3 galas. One of which is the club gala to be compulsory, the club also hold a Time Trial in May and a gala in September, with a minimum of 2 swims each gala.
  • Coaches to sign gala forms before they go to the Gala Secretary.

Membership to this lane is dependent on compliance to the respective criteria sheets. If the above is not adhered to, or it is deemed that the effort required is not evident then the swimmer will be asked to forfeit their place in the club.