Easy Fundraising

If you are not already registered to support Billingham ASC by joining Easy Fundraising, below is the link for you to get involved. It’ll cost you nothing, bar 1 minute of your time to register and its such a big help towards the clubs fundraising.

Join now at –Billingham Amateur Swimming Club Fundraising | Easyfundraising

How does it work?

Easy fundraising is a simple App that you can download onto your phone/tablet or use on a computer/laptop.

Basically, whenever you buy things online, Billingham ASC will get paid a donation from the retailer (as a way of saying thanks!). It costs you no extra to make your purchase – it’s just free and much needed funds to help with the running costs of our club.

Once registered, if you simply click onto the Easy Fundraising App and then tap onto the retailer that you are looking to purchase from. Easy Fundraising will then direct you straight to that retailer’s website, where you can then go ahead and make your purchase as normal. A donation will then be made Billingham ASCs Fundraising pot. Simple as that!

So far Billingham has received £2082.78 from Easy Fundraising – all ‘free money’ from just a click of a button.

7000+ retailers take part, including the likes of Amazon, Argos, various clothes retailers, Just Eat, Trainline, TUI, insurance companies, mobile phone networks….the list goes on and on.


  • Make sure your shopping basket is empty with whichever retailer you’re planning to purchase from, before going onto the Easy Fundraising App. The items must be added to your basket once Easy Fundraising has re-directed you to the retailer. Some retailers will refuse to pay out the donation if your items were already in the basket.
  • Every purchase online is worth putting through the app no matter how big or small – a 5p donation is well worth it when 60+ people have also had a 5/6/7p donation. It soon tots up! You can get REALLY BIG donations from items such as Insurance (Compare the Market etc are all on Easy Fundraising), also Mobile phone contracts, holidays, furniture and electrical items etc – so that’s a way to raise ‘mega bucks!’
  • You can invite your friends and family to join. There is a personal link that you can send to them from your Easy Fundraising App. These personal links often come with offers like once the person you’ve recommended signs up and raises £5, then £5 will also be added to your donations too. So, it’s a great way to boost your donations for the club.

  • Finally there is a leader board on the app showing where you rank in terms of how much you’ve managed to raise for the club. Call me sad – but this is my favourite thing about the app. Trust me, when it comes to Christmas and you’ve bought everything but the kitchen sink online and you notice that you’ve gone from 40th place on the leader board up into 10th position – it can get a bit addictive (and competitive!)

Many thanks for your support in advance!