How Do I Join BASC

Contact via email basc@hotmail.co.uk, or go to our website www.billinghamasc.co.uk  and click on the ‘Join Us’ tab.

I have a skill that I feel would be useful to Billingham and would like to become more involved e.g. on the committee or on poolside – who do you speak to.

Please speak to Mike Boyle our Club Workforce or alternatively any committee member.

10 Week Payments

Social swimmers, those swimmers who swim at the club on a Saturday morning pay £40.00 for ten consecutive sessions.

What Equipment do I need to buy?

Social Swimmers

Swimming costume



Drink bottle (to be filled with water or diluted juice)

Squad Swimmers

Swimming costumes



Net Bag

Pull buoy

Kick board

Finger paddles

Hand paddles



Ordering of Equipment

There is a header on our website ‘Club Shop’ detailing merchandise that can be bought from our Merchandise Officer, Don Briggs. Equipment can be bought from a variety of merchandisers Including NESS (the link is on our website) Swimshop, Simply Swim and other good swimming outlets.

 What is the ASA?

The ASA is the Governing Body of Swimming. All swimmers, coaches and committee members of the Club must be registered with the ASA, as this is part of your insurance.  The ASA fees are payable upon joining the club and every January thereafter.

Queries regarding your ASA membership should be directed to the Membership Secretary, Lynn Shepherd at basc@hotmail.co.uk  Please note that where you are a member of several clubs, you only pay one annual ASA membership fee via your primary club.

What is ‘Swim 21?’

Swim 21 Accreditation is a quality mark which recognises and kite marks clubs who are committed to providing a safe, effective and quality service. It was established to encourage clubs to make a commitment to developing their services, to audit their strengths and weaknesses and to implement action plans to reach development targets via good practices.

Billingham has achieved its Swim 21 Accreditation.

Who do I talk to about my Child’s swimming progress?

Speak to your child’ coach. Do not ask other parents or committee members as they will not be able to advise you on swimming progress or techniques etc.

My Child is injured – should he or she swim?

Normally it is not a good idea to train or compete when you are ill. If a swimmer is injured or ill, please consult the coach before training or competing.


This is where you can shop with your favourite online stores and at no extra cost and raise funds for Billingham Swimming Club.   You still shop directly with each retailer as you would normally, but simply by using the links from the easyfundraising site first, each purchase you make will generate a cash back donation to us and instantly raise money.

Why do retailers support it?

It seems very generous, but when you buy online the cost to the retailer is much lower. As there’s no shop, salesperson, heating, rates, not even the cost of the bag to put your goods in, retailers are more than happy to help good causes when new online customers are introduced to them via our website.

Will I pay anything extra?

No. You pay the same prices exactly as if you visited each retailer’s website directly. Using this service will not cost you a penny more than you would pay normally.

What Fundraising does the Club do?

Bonus Ball – we hold a weekly draw on a Saturday based on the Lotto Bonus Ball. There may be some vacant numbers at a cost of £1.00.  Prize money is £35.00.  If you wish to purchase a number please see Don Briggs.

Raffles are run throughout the year. We have a big one at Christmas and others at Easter and at fundraising events.

What are Squads and why do we have them?

If you have been chosen to swim in a squad and you accept. You must adhere by the conditions of the Squad Criteria. A register is kept of sessions and galas attended.

Why do you need to know about illnesses and medication?

It is a requirement of ASA doping procedures that all swimmers registered to take part in open competition, and who take regular medication for asthma, must send these details for inclusion on their registration record and this information must be renewed each year. The registration Secretary gets a list of members who are registered as Asthmatic and will then send you a form to complete which must be returned directly to the ASA   In addition, you must tell the ASA if you have  medical condition(s) requiring the permanent use of a banned substance where there is no other substitute.  As these conditions are less common, there is no general form to complete for this.  The type of conditions which may require ‘notifiable medication are – Diabetes – insulin injections, growth disorders – growth hormone, Hormone deficient conditions of the pituitary gland or adrenal gland – Steroid treatment, Orthopaedic conditions – Intra articular steroid injections, Juvenile arthritis – Prednisolone, Behaviour problems – Ritalin, Renal failure – Erythropoietin.  If you are taking any long-term medication and are in any doubt, please check

Do I have to take part in galas?

Yes, is the answer if you are over nine years of age and swim in the main pool.

How do I enter a gala?

The Club participate in galas of different abilities. When a gala comes up for your ability, your coach will give you a gala form to be completed.  Once you have filled out the swims you would like to enter, this form must be shown to your coach who will sign it.   Once you have your form signed by the coach please pass to our Gal Secretary Don Briggs.

What do I need to take to a gala? Don’t forget you are representing the Club.


Club t.shirt

Food – lunch


Poolside shoes

Snacks, cereal bars etc

Spare goggles and costume

What is Short course and Long course?

Short course galas are held in a 25m pool. i.e. Middlesbrough. Long course events are held in a 50m pool i.e. Sunderland.

Short course times will always be faster than long course times because a swimmer will complete more turns and can take advantage of the push off the wall.   Where you require a conversion time between long and short course times, please see your coach, or alternatively you can learn to do this yourself.   This can be done using ASA conversion tables or via an Equivalent Performances programme that you can download free from the website – www.sortsys.co.uk.

Being disqualified at a gala.

There are several causes of disqualification, your Coach will advise you after the event.

What to do if you haven’t entered a gala before, what to expect, where to go, who to see.

If you have any concerns or questions, it is important to speak to your coach who will give you further information, or at the gala ask one of the older swimmers to show you where to go, or take you under her or his wing.

What is a P.B.?

PB stands for Personal Best time. It should be the aim of all swimmers to continually improve their PB’S.  Although your coach may keep a record of all your p.b.’s, it is best if you keep a record of your p.b.’s following every gala as they may be required for entry forms into further competitions.

My child has a disappointing Swim, what should I do?

If you child has had a poor race and comes out feeling bad, talk about the good things. Talk about the good things they did in the race, never be negative.  It is important that your child does not dwell on it.

I have some questions – who do I ask?

If your question relates to training or progression please see your coach or the Chief Coach. Anything relating to galas should be directed to Don Briggs.   For any other matters please ask any Committee member who should be able to point you in the right direction.

Is there a recommendation about how much my child should drink before and during training?

This can be found on the ‘Club Information’ section of the web under ‘Nutrition’,

What should I eat and drink before, during and after galas?

This can also be found on the ‘Club Information’ section of the web under ‘Nutrition’.