Sheffield Summer Meet

The Club will be entering the Sheffield Summer Meet (end of season) on Saturday 20th July and Sunday 21st July.

This Gala is filled on a first come basis and when it is full it is closed.

We have attended this Gala for a number of years but because of it’s popularity

you need to be organised,last year we left it too late and missed out.

The information has not been released yet, I have reused a previous years programme of events,

i have checked and they are always the same.

The Gala entry sheet needs to be returned by Saturday February 16th, this should give us chance

to prepare an ‘Entry File’ and as soon as the Information is released we are ready to enter it

immediately. – I have estimated the price as £7.50 a swim (it may be less, that can be sorted later)

Once the Gala is entered we will not be entering any stragglers.

Organising it this early gives people the chance to book Hotels, it is still prudent to book with the

chance of a cancellation as nothing is guaranteed.