Saturday Swimming Returns

We are pleased to announce that due to the relaxation of COVID restrictions – we are no longer required to split our Saturday swimmers across 2 weekends and can therefore announce the below lane structure which will be in operation on Saturday 21st August. This is not set in stone and swimmers will advance through the lanes when coaches feel it it appropriate.

The session will run from 8.00am to 8.45am so please make sure you are arrive 15 minutes before your session. DOn will now take registration (and payments) from just outside the changing room entrance rather than outside. Parents are also required to be seated in the spectator gallery and not on poolside.

Please note that COVID restrictions have now changed at the Forum:

  • Social distancing 2m rule has been removed.
  • Face coverings are now optional for customers and staff.  However, staff will be mindful of the customer and if the customer requests they wear a mask they are to comply and wear their TAL face covering.
  • All Club officials and members will be required to sanitise their hands at the point of entry and at the stations throughout the centre.
  • The Concierge will be remaining at the front of the centre to help the customers and manage the queue from the point of entry and provide information to customers re the procedures they are to follow.
  • The Cleaning Team will continue to clean all touch points regularly throughout the shift.
  • The screens on Reception will remain in place.
  • None of the cafes will open in the centre, therefore there will be no café seating or tables in place at this stage.
  • The one way systems we are operating to will remain in place (as will the floor stickers) – this includes entry to and egress from the pool/changing village and centre.
  • The pool balcony for restricted use.
  • All toilets will be open to the public in the Changing Village.
  • All changing cubicles in the Changing Village will be opened for full use by customers.
  • Parents of swimmers in Club sessions are required to spectate in the restricted seats on the pool balcony.  They are only allowed to access/egress the balcony from the first floor walk way.  They are NOT allowed to walk onto the poolside.
  • Swimmers are to arrive no more than 10 minutes before their Club session – any earlier and they may have to wait outside the centre. 
  • All lockers are now available for customer use.  They will be emptied every night of contents.
  • Club officials, swimmers and any parents/siblings are to be mindful of the proximity of the others at all times – whilst social distancing has been removed, they must stay alert to the risk of Covid.
  • Parents with siblings of children in the Club may now attend the centre – but the parent must keep full control of all children on the pool balcony areas they spectate.  Children and parents are not allowed to wander around the area/centre, they  must remain in their designated seating area.  Failure to supervise children and/or comply with this request may result in the parent not being allowed to bring additional children for future sessions.
  • We are still encouraging participants to arrive swim ready – but the Changing Village can now be used if your members wish – as can the showers.
  • Face visors are optional for swimming coaches/officials.
  • All Club equipment used is to be sanitised before and at the end of every session by the swimmers/officials.
  • Club swimmers are not allowed on the poolside without a coach/club official.
  • If any Club officials/swimmers are ill they are not to come to the centre.
  • As soon as your sessions end, all swimmers and officials are to leave the centre – no loitering allowed.