Hello Everyone

One of our fundraisers Paul has done an excellent job in putting together an application for the Sporting Golden Giveaway and has got the club through to the next round.

15 organisations have made it to this point and this is where we ask for your help to vote for us .

All we ask is for you to access the charity’s website at and vote for Billingham ASC.

Voting will start at 9am Monday 27th November and will carry through to 5pm on Monday 11th December. The more votes we receive the bigger share of the £20,000 pot our organisation will receive (Please note that you can only vote once per email address).

The Charity had received many outstanding entries from charities, good causes and schools throughout Teesside so we have been fortunate to have been chosen to be one of the last 15.  Please vote and ask your friends to vote for us.


Thank you.