Middlesbrough Gala – Additional Information

Please see the below important information regarding the Middlesbrough gala:

  1. There will be NO POOL SIDE entries.
  2. There will be NO WITHRDAWALS on the day.  For Saturday withdrawals, please email meetsecretary@middlesbroughasc.org.uk by Friday (16:00 at the latest) and for Sunday withdrawals, please email meetsecretary@middlesbroughasc.org.uk on Saturday.
  3. Coaches can access the poolside from 07.15am.
  4. Swimmers will be allowed poolside from 07.30am.
  5. Doors will open for Spectators at 07:30am.
  6. Coach packs will be left at the payment desk.
  7. Lunch for the officials and coaches will be in the Community Room, if you are unsure where this is, come to the office next to the timing board for directions.
  8. All bags to go into the lockers in the changing rooms, a locker costs £1.00 which is refundable, this is to help in making enough space as possible for the swimmers and making the gala enjoyable for them.
  9. The only people who are allowed In Marshalling are those waiting to swim.  Those not swimming will be asked to leave, if they don’t leave, then their coaches will be informed.  Also, any bad behaviour from any swimmer in Marshalling will be reported to their coaches.
  10. No swimmers are to sit with the spectators, except at Lunchtimes.
  11. NESS Swimwear will be attending the gala.
  12. As our gala will be full, can you please limit the number of spectators.

Please note the warm up times are 8am and 1pm with a start time of 9am and 2pm each day.