Junior League 2015

Fixtures for this year are:

  • 8th March – Outer West, Newburn. 11.30am for a 12.10pm start
  • 15th March – Billingham Forum. 2.50pm for a 3.25pm start
  • 10th May – Tynemouth. 9.00am for a 9.40am start – Note Venue has changed!!!
  • 28th June – Junior League Final – South Shields

JL Results Gala 1

JL Results Gala 2

JL Results Gala 3 – not attended by BASC

JL Results Gala 4

JL Results Final

What a wonderful morning of swimming at Haven Point, South Shields for the Division Three Final of the Northumberland and Durham Junior ‘Diddy’ League 2015. Every Billingham swimmer showed great skill and determination to fight for every place and point.

At the end of the day Billingham finished in a richly deserved 3rd position with 153 points. The club also won the ‘Best 11 Year Old Group’ – an even more impressive feat as a lot of the swimmers also swam up in the 12year old group as well.

The improvement in the performance of the team over the season has been evident for all to see, and is testament to all the hard work put in by the swimmers and coaches with the extra Tuesday evening training. Gillian, Lynne, Karen and Shirley were all extremely proud of the swimmers and their progress.