Important News Regarding Middlesbrough Christmas Gala – 9th/10th December

The Middlesbrough Christmas Gala is oversubscribed this year and as a result we have a number of rejections as per the below file.

MASC Christmas Gala Billingham Rejections

These rejections are despite altering the programme and moving the 400m IM & 200m breast events to a Friday evening. We believe this will affect the following swimmers from Billingham:

400 IM – Hayley Briggs / Matthew Fenwick, Sam Milburn

200 Breast – Josie Blackmore, Erin Flynn, Roojan Shokri / Jude Blackmore, Matthew Fenwick, Luke Gaughan, Sam Milburn, Thomas Welford

Details on accepted entries are still awaited but below is the message received from Middlesbrough with details on scheduled start times. Any queries should be directed to Don Briggs –


“Due to the fantastic amount of entries for our Christmas Gala and to accommodate as many swimmers as we can, I have to make a change to the programme and introduce Friday Night for both the 400IM and 200 Breast events for both boys and girls. If I didn’t do this change then both the Saturday and Sunday wouldn’t end till just after 8pm. This would then reduce both the Saturday and Sunday mornings by 2 events.

We do apologise for those clubs who have to travel a distance to get to the gala for the Friday Night, I just hope that you can make the Friday Night for both the IM and Breaststroke events.

This decision wasn’t taken lightly, I have had numerous discussions with the Head Coach and Committee members on how to do this and the decision is as follows:

Friday Night Warm Up – 17:00, Start – 18:00, Estimated Finish – 20:15

Saturday Warm Up – 07:30, Start – 08:30, Estimated Finish – 12:16 Warm Up – 13:00, Start – 14:00, Estimated Finish – 18:00

Sunday Warm Up – 07:30, Start – 08:30, Estimated Finish – 12:04 Warm Up – 13:00, Start – 14:00, Estimated Finish – 18:00

For the Saturday and Sunday afternoons, I will unfortunately, have to reject swimmers as these sessions are still too long.

On behalf of MASC, we do apologise from the bottom of our hearts as we do not like to reject any children from gala’s and we haven’t taken this decision lightly”