Head Coaches Message

A message from our Head Coach, Guy Fawkes:

Dear All,

After a 22 week break from swimming due to Covid 19, we started back into training on August 17th. We take our time in building up slowly to avoid injury and fatigue, we concentrate on our skills to become more efficient in the water so when we are back up to full fitness, we will be faster.

Everything was going great, fitness was steadily improving but most impressively was the improvement in the swimmer’s skills, everyone made massive improvements. It was if the swimmers took real ownership of their desire to improve and become a more skilful, efficient, faster swimmer. After only 11 weeks back in the water it was announced we would be going into another lockdown and this would be for 4 weeks.

With haste we organised a time trial (Level X Racing). I wanted the swimmers to realise their 11 weeks back in the water had not been for nothing and we had all made improvements, I felt this was vitally important for their confidence, to give them hope and carry them through this latest lockdown and not give up. We held the time trial on the Tuesday night before the lockdown began and WOW!!!   what a set of impressive results came from our swimmers, PBs Galore. The skill level shown in their racing and determination was really impressive. I was really pleased for all of them.

During these 4 weeks of no swimming let’s not lose our focus and let the previous 11 weeks all be for nothing , Keep yourselves active , Go for a bike ride , walk , run , do the exercise routine you were doing during the previous lockdown , stay focussed , we will all be back in training again !

Coaches, Teachers and Poolside Helpers, thank you for being patient with the phased back into swimming and again please don’t give up, we will all be back, doing what we enjoy, helping others achieve their dreams.

We have proved we can come back stronger; WE WILL DO IT AGAIN!!!