Head Coaches Message No. 2

It has now been announced we will be in lock down for a further 3 weeks . For all of us these are difficult and very different times , none of us has known anything like it . Social Distancing , Queuing to get in the shops in single file , Limited stock on the shelves , People wearing Face Masks & Gloves etc. and as I said in my previous message , Restaurants , Pubs and Clubs closed , all Social Gatherings not allowed , People confined to their homes ( only allowed out for a limited time )   Very Different and Testing times for all of us , but we have no choice and we must do the right thing , We need to think of the many and not just ourselves .

As I mentioned in my previous message , this is the Third crisis the Club has faced . In both of the previous issues the Club bounced back Stronger and it will be the same this time . Rest assured that while we may not be together , we are working behind the scenes with how we are going to rise back to our high standard ( for a small club ) and looking to the future for our members . I believe we have some REAL talent in the pool that can achieve a lot , but that may be some time away yet . When we do start back swimming , there will be a lot of hard work to overcome , but together we can do it !

The National & Regional Squad Swimmers , tell me how much they are missing their swimming and they just want this to be over , so they can get back to do doing what they enjoy and seeing their well earned success from all the hard work they put in , We all want this to be over so we can try and get back to some sort of normality ( whatever that may be ) Lets hope that it is not too far in the future .

Stay Safe and Healthy

Cheers Now