Head Coaches Message No. 3

Welcome to this , my third message to our Members .

We all waited for Boris Johnson ,  the Prime Minister , to wave his magic wand on Sunday Night and put everything back to what we had come to know as normal life , Working , education , Shopping , Socialising , exercising , holidays , etc.  But in reality the Prime Minister doesn’t have a magic wand and so it may take some time before we return to some sort of normality ( whatever that may be )  This is a nasty virus that has claimed many lives and must be taken seriously , so creating a plan to getting life back on track will be extremely difficult .    

He did give us a small amount of good news though , with a little bit of light at the end of a very long tunnel . Now that the figures are starting to drop for Coronavirus , he has taken his first tentative steps to easing the lock down .

What we wanted to hear as members of this Club , from the Prime Minister , was we can all go back to our routines of swimming and socialising with each other , with the odd competition thrown in . In reality that was never going to happen and may be some way off yet . 

From the messages I receive from the swimmers , telling me of their exercise routines and of how they miss swimming , it encourages me that we must be doing something right at the Club and that our swimmers like to lead a Healthy , Structured life style .

Eventually we will be allowed back in the pool and we can start to train together again and get back to that Structured Life , we now crave .

Stay Safe & Keep Healthy .

Cheers Now ,