Head Coaches Message No. 4

Welcome to my Head Coaches Message .

After more than 16 weeks since our last swim training session , the government has now given the green light for indoor swimming pools to open their doors again in a couple of weeks time , there is now some light at the end of this very long tunnel we have been through .

At last we will be able to get back in the water and swim again . This has been a long spell out of the water for us swimmers and it will take some time to get back to full fitness , but we will get there !

We are now waiting for Tees Active to contact us , invite us into the facility , go through all the new protocols we will have to adhere to and give us a start date back in the pool . There will be lots of new rules and regulations to get our head around and it will seem very different at first , but we will deal with it and adapt to the changing situation . 

As soon as we are given our start date , we will let you all know and what the new protocols will be .  

For the time being stay safe and healthy .          

Cheers Now ,

Guy .