Cyprus Blog 2017 – Day 8 – The End

Day Eight

As today is our last day, it means it is time for our swimmers to attempt some world records while breaking the swim down into 50m sections. Jude broke the womens 800m freestyle record; Max, Leone, Sam and James broke the 400m IM; and then all the swimmers together broke the womens 800m freestyle.

Our swimmers also shared the water with the Russian International team who obliged with a group photo.

We then had a rush back to the hotel for breakfast before we enjoyed the last of the Cyprus sunshine.

Day Seven

It is the end of a long week. The children are tired, and parents are tired and I am tired.

It was another tough day today and also a very hot day. The swimmers have performed fantastically over the past week and head coach Guy Fawkes is delighted with the effort, attitude and application of every single swimmer. All of them have faced their fears this week and come through the other side.

Tonight we presented gifts to the coaches as a sign of our appreciation. Tomorrow is the world records day and then we return back to the hotel before we transfer to the airport.

Day Six

Day six is a repeat of day two – that means a run and sea swim before breakfast. Despite of our reservations yesterday the sea was ok to swim although it was a little rougher than first appeared.

Everyone improved on the run from earlier in the week with a couple more brave parents taking on the challenge together with the swim.

After breakfast it was back to the pool for a 2 hour session, followed by lunch, a land training session and another pool session. All in all it was a tough day and the strain of the camp is beginning to show with Alex working overtime of some muscle strains and joint pain.

Haagen-Dazs was very well deserved tonight as the swimmers licked more than their wounds.

A special mention to John Flynn who is celebrating his 26th Wedding Anniversary today. Lisa, his wife, has a lovely surprise for John when he returns home as the hall, staircase and landing have been redecorated this week.

Tomorrow is our last full day of training and will include two pool sessions and land training.

Day Five

Just like God – swimmers work for six days and have Sunday off and just because we are in Cyprus we intend to uphold this fine tradition.

Thanks to our good friends at the Octopus Centre in Paphos our swimmers enjoyed a day of jet skis, paragliding, sofa and banana boat rides. It was a fabulous day and a great opportunity for the swimmers to relax all day.

Tomorrow is a repeat of day one with a run and sea swim before breakfast; 2 pool sessions and also land training. Fingers crossed the sea is a little calmer from previous days as the breeze is good for the parents sun bathing but not fantastic for sea swimming.

Day Four

The day started with Adam dreaming of which tattoo he is going to get and of the scooter he is going to ride on to get the said tattoo now he is 16. Happy birthday!

For everybody else, they focused on the land training session before breakfast. Guy had a parents talk at 10am and followed it up with a log book session at 11am.

The swimmers then had a little break before the afternoon pool session. Unfortunately Erin stood on a Sea Urchin during this time and had to visit the medical centre for treatment.

The afternoon session was a sprint session and incorporated stretch cords and squats.

Instead of the usual Haagen-Dazs ice cream stop we all made our way back to surprise Adam with a birthday cake before we started to get ready for Fat Mamas.

The big embarrassment of the evening was that both Guy and Adam wore the exact same shirt – both medium in size and both purchased from Mamas and Papas.

As usual the food was fabulous and the portion sizes were enormous and everybody had a great time. We not only celebrated Adams birthday but also Jude’s and Steve Millburn’s. John Flynn also had a mention as they presented a bottle of champagne to him, to celebrate his 26th the Wedding Anniversary (which was a happy occasion as his wife Lisa was a thousand miles away at home)

We all returned back to the hotel to enjoy a night cap. Tomorrow is our day of rest so we can look forward to a lie in and possibly a day of Jet Ski and sofa rides.

Day Three

Dons quiz night and the swimmers won again! Despite the men have two reporters from the NME, they failed to know that the Beatles song “The Long Winding Road” was released in 1970 – the men went for 1968 and the swimmers 1971. The ladies went for 1967 – but should have been disqualified for stating that the country beginning with U that hosted the football World Cup in 1930 was Juventus and not Uruguay. Crazy!

Anyway the day started well with a 7.15 meet for the morning pool session. Some of the parents joined the session and followed their own programme before making their way back to the hotel – although the swimmers had to run part of the way to ensure they were back at 10am.

A log book session followed before some core strengthening exercises on the hotel grounds before lunch was taken. The swimmers then had an hour to spare before they met ant 2.20pm to walk to the pool for another 2 hour pool session.

Häagen-Dazs was again the choice for a sweet treat on the way back to the hotel and a few parents met them there for some light refreshment of the bottled kind.

It was another warm day in Cyprus today and all the swimmers look a little red from the exhaustion and also the heat.

Tomorrow starts off with a land training session at the hotel but ends with the annual Fat Mama’s excursion.

Day Two

The first full day of the training camp is always the hardest. The day started with a run to the harbour at 7.15am. The group spilt in to two groups with the more experienced swimmers doing the longer run and the new comers and parents (Ian Roberts / Steve & Eve Cook) were doing the shorter run.

The run ends at the rendezvous point with the remaining parents who have carried the swimming kit to the start of the sea swim. This year was a little choppier than previous and meant the swimmers were not able to see the bottom of seabed and also a couple of the hotel jetties were closed for swimmers. Nevertheless our swimmers managed to start and finish in the usual points.

Following breakfast the swimmers made their way to the Olympic sized training pool in which parents were asked not to attend as all swimmers put in a tough set, each swimming events they have never done before.

Parents then took up lunch to the swimmers and two even joined in the land training which followed (Leanne Milburn & Pete Lambert) following another 2 hour pool session everyone returned to Häagen-Dazs for ice cream.

In the pool room challenge the parents embarrassed the swimmers representatives with an easy victory, but tomorrow is the annual Don Briggs quiz on the evening. The score from previous years is Swimmers 8 – Parents 0. Revenge could be on the cards…

Day One

A new year, a new training camp with some new swimmers but some things do not change.

We still meet early to have a delicious ‘fat lads breakfast’ in the airport. We still travel to Cyprus with a mixture of excitement and apprehension and we all travelled in our training camp t shirts. Jet2 were delighted to realise that we weren’t a stag party all wearing the same T Shirts but had equally puzzled faces with the phrase “Fitter Stronger Faster” written on the back of those members with a larger circumference.

The hotel is still the same fantastic base for the swimmers and we are all made so welcome. Already some of the guests are asking about our swimmers and wish them luck.

After a smooth flight to Cyprus the swimmers all met for a team briefing at the Häagen-Dazs ice cream parlour at 6pm. Guy and Dan briefed the swimmers on the do’s and don’ts of the camp and went through the time table of the first day which is always the toughest.

We are all meeting at 7.20am for a run to the harbour. This is then followed by the first sea swim of the camp. After breakfast the swimmers will complete their log books before a 2 hour pool session. After lunch the swimmers will have their first land training session before another 2 hour pool session and then a debrief in the Häagen-Dazs ice cream parlour.

In preparation for this, everyone retired to bed around 9.30pm. Sorry there are no photos today but we will make up for it tomorrow!