A Message from the Head Coach

A message to our memebers from the Head Coach:

These are testing times for all of us with the Coronavirus outbreak, I never thought we would end up in this situation. The effects to our working life, school closures, exams cancelled, no social gatherings, restaurants – pubs – clubs, all closed, etc.  We have never known anything like it, probably since the Second World War.

In my tenure as Head Coach, this is the third crisis the Club has faced, and as the previous two, we will get through this. While there is no definite date of when we can all come together again to train (hopefully it will not be too far in the future) we must try to help ourselves by doing what we can from home. Some of our members have dogs, take them out for a walk more, maybe even go for a run, if you have a bike , get the tyres pumped up and go for a ride, do simple core body strength exercises, improvise and adapt, you never know you might even enjoy it.

I feel both sad and disappointed that our swimmers didn’t get the opportunity to see the results of all their hard work in the upcoming Galas . The previous galas (Burns Meet ,Ireland ,Middlesbrough and N&D Teams ) were all good indicators of how we were doing , so it is so sad not to see them swim at their full potential. As I mentioned earlier, hopefully it wont be too long before we are back doing what we love ,swimming.

Cheers Now, Guy.