A Message From Our Head Coach

Hi to all at Billingham ASC and welcome to a message from your Head Coach

After passing through this bleak winter, the Prime Minister made his announcement on Monday 22nd and gave us some light at the end of this very long tunnel. Speaking personally, this lockdown we have been in since the end of December seems to have been the longest one. I know that is probably due to the cold weather, dark nights and amount of rain/snow we have experienced, which means we tend to stay indoors more, but I think we are all getting sick and tired of what feels like a prison sentence and the restrictions imposed. I feel we are missing out on LIFE and more importantly our children are missing out on some of the most important and exciting times in their life. I know this Pandemic is very serious and the sooner we all get vaccinated and get this under control, the better we all will be. We don’t want to go into another lockdown, so with everyone playing their part, hopefully this is the last time.

If all goes well and we do resume our swimming on the 12th April, it will be more than 15 weeks since our squads were in training together, so same as the last long layoff (22 weeks) we will start off slow and steady and build up gradually, concentrating on getting comfortable in the water again, working on our skills to be more efficient in the water, followed by developing our fitness. It took us 11 weeks last time to achieve the desired results, I hope we are looking at the same sort of time frame from when we start back, and that would be good.

As for the Masters Swimmers, we have to wait a little longer. It will be about 28 weeks since our last training session together, so same as the Squad Swimmers, we will also start easy and Tip-Toe our way back to fitness, working on getting comfortable and improving our skills.

It may feel alien and uncomfortable at first, but we will all get used to swimming again and reap the benefits we gain from it.

I think I speak for all the Coaches, Teachers, Door Man and Back Room Staff,